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If you like Test Driven Development,
you'll love JUnitLoop.

March 8th 2013 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.8 released

This release fixes the following problem:

February 19th 2013 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.7 released

This release fixes the following problems:

  • Multiple NullPointerExceptions are fixed now
  • Reduced number of "Update loop test suite" jobs to the minimum to increase performance
  • JLoop does now search for stop() methods in super classes

November 5th 2012 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.6 released

This release fixes the following problem:

  • If a test suite was terminated manually, JUnitLoop did not continue to automatically start the suite again after classes were changed.

It also contains the following enhancement:

  • One can now annotate test methods with @Category(Runtime.class) to tell JUnitLoop to not run these methods automatically. This can, for example, be used for long running methods.

October 29th 2012 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.5 released

This release fixes a couple of null pointer exceptions, avoids compile problems caused by tests in closed projects, searches for run() methods in superclasses and in compiled code. Also, correct code is generated to launch classes that use a runInSameVM() method as invocation target. Also, the path to the current workspace is passed to runInSameVM() methods, if these accept a string argument.

August 15th 2012 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.4 released

This release adds a menu item that allows to stop classes from running in the loop. It also integrates a new feedback mechanism that will be bundled with all Open-Source plug-ins provided by DevBoost.

July 30th 2012 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.3 released

This release resolves the problem that JUnitLoop did not run tests when a class was saved for the first time. Note that this problem persists for JLoop.

Also, neither JLoop nor JUnitLoop do launch classes/tests now if the respective projects contain errors.

July 17th 2012 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.2 released

This release resolves the limitation that JUnitLoop did only recognize test cases which were subclasses of junit.framework.TestCase. As of 0.6.2 JUnit4-style tests (using the @Test annotation) are also recognized. All classes that are recognized as JUnit tests by Eclipse will now be executed when 'Run in loop' is activated.

July 12th 2012 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.1 released

This is a minor bug fix release that resolves a NPE that was thrown while updating the JUnitLoop test suite.

July 3rd 2012 - JLoop/JUnitLoop 0.6.0 released

We are very proud to announce the availability of version 0.6.0 of JLoop/JUnitLoop. This version supports running classes both in separate VMs as well as in the same VM. Classes that provide a run() method are launched in a separate VM, classes that own a runInSameVM() method are launched in the VM of the running Eclipse instance.